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My parents, Mick and Sue Albin, have always strived to be entrepreneurs. In 1995, they had a trailer built to sell fresh baked pretzels and fruit smoothies. Originally, we started off at flea markets, then shortly transitioned into festivals. My parents were always looking at ways to expand the business. Dad decided to bring our small back yard grill to one of the festivals we used to do called Mountain days in Eastwood Park. He tried his hand at selling grilled pork chop sandwiches and when his little backyard grill couldn't keep up with the demand, he knew he was onto something. One small backyard grill turned into one large grill, into two large grills, and into three large grills. The chops became more and more popular and over the years we have developed a huge following. We still have our Pretzel side of the business called Pretzel Hut. I have always worked hand in hand with my parents and I knew one day I wanted to take over the business.  A few years back my parents decided to retire and my husband and I have taken over. I am proud of this business. We couldn't do it without all of our amazing customers, so thank you all for being apart of our ride.

-Mandy Baker-


My parents, Mick and Sue Albin


My husband and I, Josh and Mandy Baker

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